Kangaroo Captain

About us

kangaroo captain was created by mistake...

Our founder began his journey bodybuilding and trying to gain weight two years ago. He tried mass gainers and they worked but were awful - they tasted terrible and all the chemicals inside seemed like they might bite him in the ass down the line.

Eating a ton of food also didn't work out too well. It was really expensive and was simply difficult to stuff himself for each meal.

He eventually switched to a whey isolate but it lacked the calories he needed to actually gain weight. He started thinking of ways he can make his shake more calorically dense, so he began by blending a banana into the protein shake. Slowly, he found more and more ingredients that were healthy and tasted good in the protein shake and that substantially increased the total calories. 

Fast forward to 20 pounds heavier and he realized he might have a great idea on his hands. He found it was easy to gain weight by drinking a calorically dense shake because his mind wouldn't realize his stomach was full until after the shake was already finished.

Finding the right measurements of each ingredient was also not easy. To make sure that it wasn't too thick or too thin and lacked enough calories, he had to measure each ingredient before putting it in his blender. Ain't nobody got time for that. So blah blah blah, one thing leads to another and he put's the ingredients in daily pouches and calls it kangaroo captain.

So why call the company kangaroo captain? Easy.

Kangaroos are buff.

It doesn't sound douchey like some of the supplement companies out there.

Each protein enhancer comes in a pouch.

...that's it.