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Two Words:
Protein Enhancer

A blend of whole ingredients that enhances the nutrients, flavor AND total calories of your protein smoothie.

Made For Slim Health-Conscious People

We found that nothing in the market served the needs of people who wanted to bulk naturally.

The only options were mass gainers with tons of additives and/or tons of sugar.

We're here to change that.

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Drink 1000 Calories in
2 Minutes

Simply add:

1 Protein Enhancer Packet (680 cal)
1 Banana (105 cal)
Milk Alternative (55 cal)
Your Favorite Protein Powder (110 cal)

You now have close to a 1000 calorie protein smoothie!

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680 Calories

5.2 calories per gram in every serving

Compared to the measly 3.7 calories per gram in the leading mass gainer.

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Only 5 Ingredients

Oats, cacao, peanuts, hemp hearts, flaxseeds.

That's it.

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30 g of Protein + 0 g  Added-Sugar

One Protein Enhancer packet mixed with your favorite protein powder and you'll easily consumer over 50g of protein in one meal!

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